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Models and Year
1948 GRT3 (Garden Riding Tractor 3hp AB Wisconsin) Hand Clutch, Black Knobs
1949-1954 GRT foot clutch (6hp AKN Wisconsin) black knobs

Red Tiller handle (Red Hood, Grey Grill) w/AKN Wisconsin on earliest machines, later moved to BKN

1955-1958 BKN Wisconsin, red handles
  • Model H- Basic Tiller with pull start
  • Model HS- Tiller steering with electric start
  • Model HW- Steering wheel with pull start
  • Model HWS- Steering Wheel with electric start
1959 Standard model B- Tiller  (last year of 4470 rear end)

Delux  WT -Steering wheel with 3 speed
Super delux WST- Steering wheel, electric start, 3 speed

Delux WT(see above)
Super Delux WST(see above)              


750 Rope start
750E  Electric start

5424 serial numbers

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