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Correct for my model and the evolution of the machine.

Because many parts are interchangeable, many machines are made up of incorrect parts, here is how to tell.

Baird Type 1
Baird Type 2
Baird Type 3
1948 mid 1949, serial numbers 4470-1 through 4470-1000
Mid 1949-1959 serial numbers 4470-1001 through 4470-5000
1959 through 1960 serial numbers 5424-1 through 5424-442
Baird Type 4
New Hartford, CT Type 5
Lewiston ME Type 6
new hartford
1961 only 5424-443 through 5424-646
1961-1967 and the serial numbers are 5424-6-1000-????
1968-1972 Lewiston Maine
TYPE 6 Specific Parts
"All information here is correct to the best of my knowledge. I am, however,constantly learning things about these wonderful machines. If I am wrong or you can add some piece of history on something PLEASE let me know. "


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